(Still from VIDEOFILIA)

As part of the Film and Media Screening Series,  and in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Peruvian filmmaker Juan Daniel F. Molero will presented his award-winning film VIDEOFILIA (and other viral syndromes) on Tuesday night (09/13). This psychedelic, tragicomedy takes place within the beautiful decay of Lima, Peru. The film is about Luz, a teenage misfit who spends her days surfing the internet where she meets an older slacker obsessed with conspiracy theories, video games, and porn. After nights of cybersex, the only thing left for them is to meet in person, but on the eve of that meeting, unusual events begin to unfold. VIDEOFILIA has won the Hubert Bals Award and the first Tiger Award for Peruvian cinema at the 2015 Rotterdam International Film Festival. A Q&A wth Molero will follow the film.


Associate Professor Michelle Handelman – Filmmaker Juan Daniel F. Molero – Assistant Professor Mario Valero. photo by Max Hechtman

The series is supported by the Diversity Council, the Student-Faculty Corporation, the School of Liberal Arts, the Department of Film, Media and Performing Arts and the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures.

Next Screening: WELCOME TO THIS HOUSE, directed by Barbara Hammer, will screen on Tues, Oct. 25 at 6:30pm


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