Kevin Jerome Everson screened his film QUALITY CONTROL (2011) last week as part of the FILM + Media Screening Series.


(from left to right) Chair William Mooney, Kevin Jerome Everson, and co-chair Michelle Handelman

QUALITY CONTROL (2011), included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, consists of a series of 16mm single take shots of the fine folks of Alabama producing a superior product. Filmed in the summer of 2010, in a dry cleaners facility in Pritchard, Alabama. Quality Control exhibits the acts as well the conditions around labor. It is similar stylistically, in form and rhythm, to certain scenarios in Everson’s award-winning and critically acclaimed previous films, including ERIE (IFFR 2010) and in thematic concerns to several other short form works which follow the daily, quotidian tasks of workers in rest and in motion, including the factory routine captured in the short film A WEEK IN THE HOLE (2001), which focused on an employee’s adjustment to materials, time, space and personnel. Principal cast includes Shay Wright and Annette Speight.

Next Tuesday IN THE MORNING (2015) by NEFERTITE NGUVU will be screening at 6:30PM in the D207 screening room.

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