Webcheckout: How-to and Policies for Online Reservations

Webcheckout is live so you can begin making reservations through this link:

To Login you only need to enter your FIT username in LOWER CASE and your FIT Password (which is case sensitive)
You will then be be greeted to this screen:
login screen
Make sure to set a begin and end time for your reservation. The earliest you can set your reservation time is 30 minutes after opening, 10:30AM, but if the equipment is in, you can pick it up right when we open at 10AM. The latest you can set a pick up or return of equipment is 5:45PM, 15 minutes before we close at 6PM (unless otherwise noted)
To begin selecting items to reserve, Click “Add Resources” once you log into Webcheckout and you will be taken to this screen:
checkout screen
From there you can add items. When you have selected everything you want to reserve, click “Confirm,” and you will be all set! If for whatever reason you are unable to confirm the reservation, look at the red “Reservation Problems” tab on the left side of the screen and it will usually give you a good idea of what the issues with your checkout are.
All checkouts can now be kept for 2 business days.
Be aware that you may not be able to secure equipment for the full 2 days depending on whether future reservations have that same equipment reserved.
You will be able to have a total of 2 reservations at one time. Which means you can create a reservation for a big shoot in the future while still having the ability to create checkouts until then.
You will have ONE HOUR to pick up your reservation from its set pick up time. If you are equipment is not picked up within the hour, it will be returned in the system and be open to check out to anyone. You will also be blocked from checking out anything in the system for 24 hours. If you think you are going to be late please email Nicholas or I or call. Our contacts our on this blogs home page.

Any missing or damaged equipment will need to be replaced before you are able to checkout again. Once you check out equipment, you are responsible for it!

Students cannot pick up equipment for another student, under any circumstances.

If another student returns equipment for a different student, the student who originally checked out the equipment forfeits any ability to dispute claims of damaged or missing equipment.

Return time for equipment will be listed on your checkout receipt. This is the only location the return time will be listed.

Students must test equipment and check to make sure kits are complete before signing the agreement form and checking out.


Our late policy will remain the same: 
1st time late = No access to equipment for 3 checkout days (equivalent to 1 week)***
2nd time late = No access to equipment for 6 checkout days (equivalent to 2 weeks)
3rd time late = No access to equipment for 12 checkout days (equivalent to 4 weeks)
*** If you are more than 48 hours late on your first 1st penalty, you will have no access to 6 checkout days.

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